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There are very fiew podcasts that encompass the wide range of awesome topics that are covered under the umberella term ‘nerd’. Besides The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show (see this previous post), the only one i have found so far is the incredib-awesome Nerdist Podcast! (Ok, i’ll try and town down the hyperbole…)

This podcast, hosted by the comedian, writer and all-round nice-guy-nerd Chris Hardwick, is interview-based (with the occasional ‘hostful’ episode) and has the most original and diverse array of nerdy guests i could possibly think of. From Weird Al, to JJ abrams, to Matt Smith, to Stan Lee… there are loads of interesting interviews with many pop-culture, geek and comedy icons.

I think my favourite episodes are the one with Will Wheaton (famous geek and long-time friend of Chris Hardwick) and the one with Simon Pegg (loads of awesome anecdotes about growing up a geek in England).

This is one of those podcasts that just continues to amaze me. There”s just such a casual feel to the interviews that makes all the guests seem very relaxed and seem like they’re actually enjoying themselves, rather than just doing it for publicity or something.

It’s a great podcast with awesome guests. Listen to it. Now. Are you still reading this? Get listening! Go!

– Nic



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5 thoughts on “Nerdist

  1. This podcast saved the void music used to occupy and make me laugh during bus rides (that’s when I got weird looks from people, but totally worth it!). I agree that the best episode is the Wil Wheaton one. Good job on advising people about the Nerdist podcast! :)

  2. It’s great isn’t it! It makes bus rides MUCH more bearable! :)

  3. Oh yeah, totally agree! :)

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